Encouraging the Use of Clean Vehicles and Clean Vehicle Technologies
in the Chicago Metro Area for Nearly 20 Years

Transforming Chicago's Transportation Landscape Using a Grant

Learn how Chicago leveraged $15 million in federal funding and turned it into $24 million in additional investments by project partners and the deployment of hundreds of clean vehicles and alternative fueling stations.

Chicago Expands its Use of Natural Gas

As part of the Sustainable Chicago 2015 Strategy and the Chicago Climate Action Plan to reduce emissions from transportation vehicles, Chicago is aggressively expanding its CNG fleet and alternative fuel station network.

Making Electric Vehicles More Convenient and Affordable

Have you noticed any new electric charging stations... maybe at your parking structure, gas station or local Walgreens? With over 300 public charging stations in Chicago equipped with Level 2 or direct-current (DC) fast chargers, we now have a strong network of chargers where pluging-in is no longer a hassle.

Chicagoans Now Have a Cleaner, Greener, More Sustainable Transportation Option

In 2011, there were fewer than 500 green taxicabs in Chicago. Today, more than 3,000 alternative fuel vehicles serve as taxicabs. Next time you hail a cab, it's likely you will be in a green vehicle, helping the City improve its air quality!

IdleBox Toolkit

What are the benefits of reducing idling? The IdleBox Toolkit is your resource to find general information as well as print products, templates, and presentations to assist you in your idle-reduction projects for fleets with light- and medium-duty vehicles.

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What is Chicago Area Clean Cities?

Chicago Area Clean Cities is a nonprofit coalition of stakeholders from government, private business, academia, scientific research, and energy and environmental services working together to promote the use of clean fuels and clean fuel vehicles throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.    READ MORE

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